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Alexander McDaniel

Hello! My name is Alexander McDaniel. I  am a 16-year-old African-American male filmmaker. I started filmmaking when I was 11 years old by directing my first film Bully Proof Vest. Now 5 years later I have made dozens of short films in multiple roles, twelve being the director, that have gone on to win at a variety of film festivals. I'm currently in dual enrollment with LAVC where I have multiple certificates in different aspects of pre, post, and production while majoring in an AA in Cinematic Arts Production. I'm two-years into studying at Ghetto Film School which has helped me shape my style of filmmaking. I even work at the Academy Museum as a teen council member and get to create events and showcase panels and screenings along with others in the council.

Did I mention I was also an actor? I currently study at Richard Lawson Studios learning not only about camera technique but about character analysis and mis en scene.

Feel free to roam through my website where I post scholarships/awards that I win, projects I create,  and even people I meet at networking events. And yes, there will always be updates. Unless the grim reaper gets to me...

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